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Geosynthetics 1

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About This Course

This course includes the following five lectures:

An Overview of Geosynthetics and Their Major Applications by Prof. Robert M. Koerner (93 min)

Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls: Overview, Failures and Items for Approval by Prof. Robert M. Koerner (53 min)

Short and Long Term Leakage through Composite Liners, The 7th Arthur Casagrande Lecture by Prof. Kerry Rowe (64 min)

Geosynthetics-Reinforced Soil Structures - Developments from Walls to Bridges by Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka (93 min)

Geosynthetics in Roadway Applications by Prof. Jorge G. Zornberg (47 min)

  1. Subjects

    Geoenvironmental Engineering, Landfill Engineering, Geosynthetics for Containment, Geosynthetics
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