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The Virtual University is an initiative launched by President Charles Ng. The current OpenEdX platform was developed by the Innovation and Development Committee chaired by Dimitrios Zekkos, with oversight from the Board and was publically made available in March 2020. The objective of the Virtual University is to provide open source, high quality technical content that can be used by engineers of practice, as well as undergraduate and graduate students all around the world.

The Virtual University includes, free courses, webinars, as well as short educational videos, and is integrated with the open-access Online Library of ISSMGE. The content of the Virtual University will continue to be updated through various initiatives of ISSMGE, and with the support of its Technical Committees, conference organizers and Member Societies.

Viewing or Registering for a Course

Viewing any of the courses is available directly without a login required. Alternatively, an account can be created in the Virtual University to register for courses. By registering to courses, you will be able to track your course history, participate in course discussions and receive notification about important updates on each course you have attended.