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What Happens When Soil Compresses

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About This Course

This modular video-lesson (Introduction: 3', Part 1: 13', Part 2: 13', Part 3: 21', Summary: 3') explains, at a basic level, the concept of effective stress and demonstrates its capacity to describe two significantly different situations, such as construction of buildings and pumping groundwater. Geotechnical engineering instructors may find in the presentations some elements useful for their teaching and be prompted to engage in a collegial discussion about teaching and learning.

The basic level of the course makes it suitable for high school students interested in civil engineering studies.

The development of this video-lesson is described here.


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Marina Pantazidou, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Apart from university appointments in the US and Greece, Marina Pantazidou has professional experience in hazardous waste consulting (1991-1993) and was a visiting scholar at the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley (2000-2001). Her research interests include environmental geotechnics and engineering education. She has authored 90 journal and conference papers, about a third of which on education topics, and has edited two special journal issues on geotechnical engineering education.