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How to Characterize Geotechnical Site and Model Uncertainty

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About This Course

This video is a part of a series of short educational videos on geotechnical reliability and risk initiated by ISSMGE TC304. This video focuses on probabilistic characterization of geotechnical site and model uncertainty. It starts with an introduction of geotechnical site and model uncertainty, followed by commonly used probabilistic models to quantify these uncertainties and a general Bayesian framework for model selection and parameter identification. The video is supposed to be educational while related references are provided for interested audiences.


Zi-Jun Cao

Zi-Jun Cao, PhD, Professor at Wuhan University, China

Dr. Zi-Jun Cao is a Professor at Wuhan University, China. He earned his PhD from City University of Hong Kong in 2012. His research interests include geotechnical uncertainty quantification and data analytics, geotechnical reliability analysis, reliability-based design, and probabilistic observational method. He is the member of ISSMGE TC304 and TC309, and is presently serving on Assistant Editor and Editorial Board Member of Georisk.

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